August 7, 2009


I don't have any fun pitures to even post. Nor do I have any fun adventures to tell about. My life the last two months have been basically my bed..the couch..and work only cause I have to!! If you haven't guessed it yes I have been very sick with baby #3. My first two where nothing like this. I have heard from so many girls the third kid turns your world upside down and I already beieve it. I'm in my second trimester now so I'm hoping it's going to get better. My girls are tired of taking care of me but bless their little hearts they have been so cute about it. The past week though they have had double duty. Taking care of me and Dad. I got a phone call Saturday that no wife ever wants to hear. Trevor had been in a accident and was taking him to the hospital in Panguitch Utah. Anyways long story short he is okay and most important alive!! He was in a ropin compition and his horse stumbled and Trevor went off and when his horse got up he ran Trevor over and kicked him in the back of the head. His top lip was split clear open and of course a nice concussion. He has staples and stitches and very beat up and sore but from the sound of things things definetly went in Trevors favor. They have told me it could have been so much worse. We are thankful and very very blessed things went the way they did. Thanks to his good buddy Michael for taking good care of him till he was able to get home to us. Thanks so much Michael!!!

June 12, 2009

Utah Summer Games Opening Ceremonies

We had such a fun night last night. We went up to Cedar City to the Opening Ceremonies for the summer games. The girls have talked about going since last years. My brother in law is the director and does such a great job! Every year the Utah Jazz bear comes and Dalli and Lizzi thinks he is so fun...however when it came time for him to come and we took pictures with him Dalli would not let him hold her or even touch her. When I asked her "Dalli you were so excited to see him and have been talking about this for a long time how come you would let him touch you " Dalli said " Well Mom I was afraid I would fall in love with him" Where they come up with things to say! We also got to meet Sione and Filipe from the Biggest Loser show. The concert was awesome I thought. They had Imagine come. They sing all the Beatles songs. They look and sound alot like them. It was a fun night and looking forward to next year. Here are some pictures of the night...


Before you know it your little babies are doing little things you don't think will ever happen such as ride a bike with out training wheels. All it took was about 10 minutes and she was all on her own. She goes up and down the street going 90 mph. I have to just close my eyes alot!

April 27, 2009


We just had a new baby calf born. The girls get so excited to name them and when Dalli told my dad that it was a boy they thought Charlie would be a great name for him so that What we call him! He is the cutest little calf and he loves the girls. Dalli and Lizzi can walk up to the fence and call for him and he will come right to them and let them pet him! He is sweet for now!!!

March 31, 2009

Don't give up...Im really trying

So it could be that I am very retarded and don't really love the whole computer thing but I can not get my pictures to upload onto my blog so just be patient for me to work this problem out! I will keep trying and someday keep it very updated. Although I do feel like I'm making a little progress at least I'm trying!!! Don't give completely up on me.....Yet!

March 24, 2009


I know I'm way behind so I'll do little up date of some things we have been doing over the winter. We spent about every other weekend up in Cedar at my sister Cori's house playing in the snow. We love the snow!!! We did a lot of tubing. One weekend I decided I was going to take Dalli Skiing up to Brian Head. She loved it and did a very good job. She got a little cold at first but then we got her some hand warmers and she was ready to go back for more. I had a lot of fun taking her and we will be ready for more next winter!!!!!

March 8, 2009


Okay...I know I have been the worst blogger in the world!!! I promise there are some pictures coming. I was going to post them right now but of course I can't get it to load!!!

November 5, 2008

Halloween Party!

We went to a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. It was a blast! Mostly because I actually got Trevor to dress up! (only because his friend Michael went) Me and Trevor dressed up as "Old People". Dalli was Cinderella and Lizzi was a flower! It was at Holly Lofthouse's and there was a ton of good food and games! Here some pictures of the night!